SXmini SX-Auto

  • Dhs. 350.00

Powered by the YiHi SX685J processor.

The third generation temperature control technology

Automatic dripping atomizer built for auto squonk technology

Accurate temperature control- 16 times more accurate than before – Dry-hit protection

Unprecedented E-liquid consumption accuracy(E-liquid is automatically pumped into the ADA to keep the coil saturated and will draw back any un-used E-liquid to prevent leakage and waste)

E-Liquid is safely kept in a sealed bottom compartment, eliminating any chance of leakage

The Ess driver (Electronic spray system) detects the exact amounts of E-liquid to pump into the atomizer thus ensuring every hit is saturated and tasty.


Power mode range table:

Ni wire 0.2ohm ADA: 

P1 = 15-20W

P2 = 25-30W

P3 = 30-35W


SS316 Wire 0.8ohm ADA:

P1 = 10.5-12W

P2 = 12.5-13.5W

P3 = 14-16W


We suggest using 20-35 pump speed for 0.2ohm Ni coil and 15-25 pump speed for 0.8ohm SS316 coil.

P3 mode is a high power mode. We recommend users of VG>80% E-liquid and extra sweet E-liquid to use P1/P2 modes to get a better vaping experience.

SX Auto supports 2 vaping modes:

Auto mode for beginners and everyday vaping

DIY Mode for advanced users.

Auto mode: will automatically match all configurations with the SX ADA atomizer. 

DIY mode: advanced mode for use with SX Rubuildable atomizers.( advanced users only)