Demon Killer Hive Wire

  • Dhs. 45.00

Hive wire is made for high performance DIY vaping and will ensure huge clouds and delicious flavour, 

  • 4.5m Kanthal A1 Hive wire.

Demon Killer presents Hive wire for anyone who wants to be a bit more extreme in their coil builds in their RBA/RDA/RTA.
Hive wire is made from 4 pcs 0.25mm (AWG30) where they in par is twisted and then the 2 twisted wires are twisted together to make one extreme wire.
The wires are all kanthal A1 so it is for Wattage vaping only.

You get 4.5m wire and a piece of 100% Organic cotton in a cool box for easy storing and transport.

To use this wire you need:
1. A tank with large wire holes.
2. A HELL of a lot of power!
In other words: This is not a wire that will fit every tank or any Mod.

However, if you do have the tank with holes big enough and a Mod with plenty of muscle, you are in for a treat of a vaping experience.