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Vaping or E-Cigarettes have been around for quite a while now, however, while a few people have made the switch from traditional tobacco smoking, most of us have not even read about or heard about vaping at all. As an industry, it definitely is young, having only being around during the last decade or so. Vaping was also banned for sale in the Middle East until just recently, hence, e-cigarettes are still a fairly new concept that people are still trying to grasp, and because of this, a lot of us are still on cigarettes to curb the craving for nicotine. The downside, though, is that modern cigarettes have more toxic chemicals than they used to a few decades ago.

Some of our readers may have noticed one or two of their colleagues using an electronic device to mimic smoking. You may have asked yourself  "What sense does it make to switch over to electronic cigarettes? What's the difference?". Well, in this article, we aim to shed light to some of the most common questions and myths attributed to vaping.

1) Is vaping safer than smoking?

While the method is the same (inhalation), the effects on our body are very much different when comparing traditional tobacco smoking and vaping. According to research, Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, exceeded only by heart disease and it is a well established fact that smoking cigarettes are risk factors for lung cancer due to the estimated 7,000 chemicals found in cigarettes. On the other hand, vaping involves just about four ingredients for e-liquids, namely propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavorings which are usually food grade. This mixture, when heated, produces water vapor and delivers nicotine. So, definitely, it is safer in terms of the amount of chemicals you puff and get absorbed in the lungs. 

2) Are the chemicals in E-Liquids safe?

While some people use the argument that PG (propylene glycol) is found in anti-freeze, or the flavorings used in e-liquids are artificial, E-Juices or E-Liquids are relatively safe for human consumption. Propylene Glycol is a very common checmical used for different types of food. Popular foods and drinks that use Propylene Glycol are coffee-based drinks, ice cream, whipped dairy products, and soda. If we continue with the above argument, then it will be deemed not safe to consume ice cream or drinks from Starbucks, which is, in my opinion, totally absurd. It just so happened that PG is also being used for other applications because of it's characteristic to lower the freezing point of water. Additionally, the flavorings used in most E-Liquids, especially the premium ones, are food grade, or more technically written as USP (United States Pharmacopeia) - this means that USP grade chemicals are acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use. Just make sure that when buying liquids, get them from a trusted or respectable store, just like VapeHouse. [shameless plug]

3) Cigarette smoking is still cheaper than vaping. Vape Mods and E-Liquids are so expensive!!

While it is true that vapers tend to shell out a lot of money on the first purchase of a vape kit, vaping is still a hell of a lot cheaper than traditional cigarette smoking. Let's check the math:

I recently checked online for the cheapest ream of cigarettes in Carrefour and found that a box of 10 packs of cigarettes, at the cheapest, is AED80.

An average smoker can finish about 4-5 sticks a day, maybe even more, and one box has 200 sticks. By the end of the month, you'll be needing to buy another box, probably earlier depending on how much you finish in a month.

Let's go to vaping - the cheapest starter kit with an internal battery on our site right now is AED180. A box of replacement coils for AED60 contains 3 coil heads, and a bottle of 60ml e-liquid for AED50 is the cheapest one we have. That's a total of AED390 to start you off. Moving forward though, you'll only need to buy coil heads and e-liquids because the device should last you as long as the battery inside which usually has a life span of one to two years. Regular vapers who just moved from smoking, based on experience, finish that 60ml e-liquid in two months while coil heads last at least 2 weeks with proper usage. Therefore:

E-Liquid: AED50 for two months = AED25/month

Coil Heads: AED60 for 3 coil heads, 2 coil heads per month = AED40/month

In summary:

1 box of cigarettes per month = AED80

e-liquid plus coil heads per month = AED65

That's almost a 20% margin you get to save per month!!

We won't take away the fact that other devices really are expensive, but when you get to the bottom of it and be smart about shopping, once you get through your first purchase, you'll be saving more money that traditional tobacco cigarettes.


4) E-Cigarettes EXPLODE!!!

This is, by far, my favorite topic to discuss with new vapers and the doubters. E-Cigarettes, and by that I mean the devices alone, do not explode. The batteries inside explode. I'm sure you remember that infamous mobile phone that exploded in consumers' pockets causing a massive recall of the premium device - this is very similar to what happens inside E-Cigarettes in a sense that the device itself is not exploding, the battery inside does. So this all boils down to battery knowledge and safety. Mobile phones also explode when not properly handled, just in the same way that cigarettes burn down houses when not properly handled. As long as you educate yourself with battery knowledge and safety, you can eliminate any and all risks of explosions. In addition to this, most devices in the market now have very advanced computer chips that regulate the voltage and wattage the device draws from the battery. The same chip also have tons of safety features which not only keeps the user safe, but also gives a wonderful vape experience in terms of flavor and clouds.

5) Your vape devices are made in China. They're all fake.

I'll get straight to the point on this - about 90% of Vape Devices made in the whole world come from Shenzhen, China - if you're not familiar with the city, it is well known by techies for being the international headquarters of some of the most well-known technology companies in the world. A few notable ones are Huawei, OnePlus, DJI, and Tencent - the developer of the very popular PUBG Mobile Game. So this claim is not a very fair one, in my opinion. Although it is true that there are a few clone devices out there [watch out!!], you'll be safe as long as you buy from a trusted and authorized dealer such as VapeHouse.


I hope that I was able to shed some light to those who want to start vaping and to those who are still not quite convinced, I'm pretty sure that you may have some more questions in mind. Let us know in the comments section below. To the experienced vapers, please share your knowledge as well - let's make this a healthy community of enthusiasts. Make sure to follow us in our social media channels to be updated with our latest blog posts, videos, and engagements and we'll see you next time.



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